May 29, 2019, Sofia – Allterco Robotics, the leading IoT company, is to launch 4 NB-LTE home automation devices. These are a fire & smoke sensor, a flood sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, and a smart plug, which were exclusively presented earlier this year at MWC 2019. Their release is scheduled for autumn 2019 as customers will be able to purchase them from mobile operators’ stores.

NB-LTE is the latest mobile network that is supported by over 300 mobile operators worldwide. The communication between IoT devices is done through it. Thanks to this technology, battery devices can run for more than 5 years without charging, and data traffic over the mobile network at a low cost is now possible. NB-LTE also allows users to monitor and manage their home directly via their mobile phone.

The NB-LTE technology is used in the Allterco Robotics series of automation products Shelly, and the first 4 devices that will be soon available on the market are a fire sensor, flood sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and a smart plug.

Allterco Robotics is the only Bulgarian company to develop a new generation NB-IoT home automation devices. Our products make life easier for people and help them to provide better care for themselves and their families. The NB-LTE sensors we put on the market combine practicality and reliability and provide users with quick and easy control over everything that is important to them. As a leading IoT company, we will continue to develop innovations that bring more peace of mind and comfort to people's lives

Dimitar DimitrovCEO

The set of the 4 smart NB-IoT devices was exclusively presented for the first time at MWC 2019 in Barcelona in February. Today, they are fully ready and set to be released in the autumn of 2019.

The biggest advantage of the NB-IoT fire sensor is that it is not connected in any way to the local infrastructure and can transmit information to the user and the fire department even if the fire has affected the installation and the electricity is interrupted.

The second NB-LTE device of Allterco Robotics is a sensor that detects floods and immediately sends a notification. Its compact size allows it to be placed anywhere in the building where there is a potential risk of such an unpleasant event.

The temperature and humidity sensor can work even in a freezer at a temperature of minus 20 °C degrees without this interfering its operation. The device is extremely suitable for any room and it sends information directly to a smartphone. A useful feature is that data is stored for 1 year.

Allterco Robotics’ fourth NB-LTE device is a smart plug that can handle up to 16 amps. A useful feature is the ability to create a weekly schedule for current consumption and get up-to-date information about how much energy is used.

Allterco Robotics is a leading Bulgarian IoT company that has achieved great global success with its Shelly brand, which includes a series of smart automation devices. The Shelly devices, through which you can control virtually everything in your home, as well as monitor power consumption, are a hit on over 90 markets all over the world. Top markets for the brand are Germany, Italy and the United States.

Shelly products can be purchased at Amazon where smart relays Shelly 1 and Shelly 2 are among the best-selling smart home products. High consumer satisfaction with product quality, price and delivery accuracy also made the giant in online marketing Amazon to put Amazon’s Choice Badge on Shelly 1.